Rough Road

They said little things in life bring the greatest happiness.

I have never approached procrastination from this angle and it is truly unfortunate how we don’t see the worth of simplicity whilst we long for greater things. We are merely aware of this fact, but we seldom take the time to appreciate them. 

A simple Hi and Hello, could brighten up someone’s day. If in those moments, you felt stuck in life and couldn’t see your worth, there will always be someone out there who will tell you, “You’re the nicest person I’ve ever met!”

Our discontentment voids the meaning of living. Our actions, choices, and contributions shouldn’t be subjected to a reward system. In many cases, we couldn’t appreciate simple things as we are heavily occupied with the aspiration of being no longer contented with what we already have.

We are becoming more and more blinded by how great other pieces of stuff are rather than reflecting and wandering the simple joys of life.

What really makes you happy?

Is it because of the money you found in your pocket?

Is it because he said hi, she said hello?

Is it because they like your outfit today?

or can be your hair?

All it takes is to note simple gestures. The best things in life are unexpected, but life can be sweeter having someone you can vent on.

If you don’t have one, come to me and leave me a message. I’ll be that someone who will listen to you and make you feel that you are loved!

Happiness is a choice!
Today, I choose to be happy 🙂

Cheer up buddy! 💜

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