Pray Through It

Prayer holds the incredible capacity to aid in any situation within this world. Whether it's a pursuit of inner peace, the ability to communicate with God, or the act of making a request, prayer has the profound ability to bring tranquility to our hearts.

Unfinished Business

Almost everyone is overextended and exhausted but it's never too late to be kind to yourself. When feeling down, rebuild yourself to the best version ever where everyone can tell you YOU ARE A WOMAN TO WATCH.

Rough Road

A simple Hi and Hello, could brighten up someone's day. If in those moments, you felt stuck in life and couldn't see your worth, there will always be someone out there who will tell you, "You're the nicest person I've ever met!"

A Beautiful Disaster

A fierce-looking woman she may be, she bears a deceitful heart with a mind full of fears. She hid the pain very well, her smile hid a heart full of hurt. This girl who cared for everyone except only for herself, with a gnawing distress, she still laughs and giggles like no one else.