Are You Listening?

It started raining but all I can hear is the serenity of the chirping birds. It’s dark outside and I see no stars.

I begin to wonder…

“The sky must be so sad that it cries so much.”

For one minute, I walked outside and stood there staring in silence.

My heart ponders as I heave a sigh.

It feels funny how day by day nothing changes. But when you look back, everything was different.

Our little moments today become our tomorrow. Sometimes, all we need to do is cherish and value every moment until it becomes a memory. Practice collecting memories instead of collecting things.

                        G O N E   M E M O R I E S   A R E   G O N E !

One day, it will make sense what is important and what’s not.

I confessed to the sky, “I wish I could go back in life when I was a kid. Take me back to those good old days not because I’d like to change anything but I’d like to feel a few things twice.”

My eyes were closed as I savored every memory. Memories of childhood, my most precious wonderful time. Even when I grow older, I’d still be the kid who would go for an ice cream and moisty mouthwatering chocolate cake. I’ll forever relish “rain” like a kid with so much love.

“Miss me a little and savor my absence. Don’t get impatient because I’m coming back, My Love ❤️”

– Maria Rehina

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