I dreamed a dream

“Dreams are made for those who are desperate”, I thought as I sail through an endless sea.

My journey and sleeplessness in this never ending misery, the tides and stars are strange to me. Let the wind take me wherever it want me to be, my heart shall follow, in sorrow I shall flee.

Right here right now, under the same sky, watching the same stars, i dream of a place made for you and I!



The Dream Fairy

It seems to me that today is an eventful day to all of you. Regardless of your busy schedules, I hope you are all having a blast!

Known as “The Dream Fairy”, I have been meaning to write an article ever since I created this page. Indeed, I tried a couple of times but never once succeeded.

As much as I am very fond of reading amazing blogs that have already pave the way to fame, I still can’t find the courage to publish one.

I know that my skills aren’t good enough but I look forward to your encouraging support!




The Interpretation


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