A Beautiful Disaster

A fierce-looking woman she may be, she bears a deceitful heart with a mind full of fears. She hid the pain very well, her smile hid a heart full of hurt.

This girl who cared for everyone except only for herself,
With a gnawing distress, she still laughs and giggles like no one else.

We are reminded every day that we are worthy of love. We all have a past and made choices that weren’t the best ones. None of us deserve to be judged. We all deserve a fresh start to be a better person than we are yesterday.

Your love and kindness are never wasted.

It takes a risk to make a difference. Even now we may feel broken, but know that you are strong. It’s okay to be scared [self],

Just breathe…

Stay calm.

You did the best you could with what you knew.

There’s comfort in knowing that in almost every instance, catastrophe is inevitable. We cannot run away from life’s little surprises.

A good heart will always be happy.

People will always hurt you.

We will always hear a lot from the others.

We will continue to better ourselves and seek acceptance.

Just bear in your mind:

Your smile will fade and your laugh may disappear.  
Your mind may grow foggy and your thoughts may be unclear.
Your conscience could drain and your sense of belonging may be gone. 
But as long as you have a good heart, you are stronger than their minds!

“Inside every strong woman lies a broken little girl who had to learn how to get back up and not have to depend anyone.”

– Anonymous

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