We Are The Future Leader

“If you want it, prove that you deserve it!”

Technically, it is the parents responsibility to manage the household but it wouldn’t hurt a little letting your kid do chores.

Most will say that they are young for this and that they should be enjoying their time as a kid. Despite of it, the reason why do we need to teach them the importance of doing chores is for them to learn how to be responsible and gain important life skills.

As a working mom, sole provider with 1 day off, I couldn’t get a chance to be around her all the time. Even if she’s an only child, I want her to learn that when she wants something, she needs to work hard for it.


Credit to the owner of this photo

Chores were the best predictor of which kids were more likely to become happy, healthy and independent adults according to studies. Making her feel that she’s part of the team, kids most likely feel that finishing the chores being tasked to them is a greatest achievement and a little reward tells her that her effort was GREATLY APPRECIATED ❤️❤️❤️

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