Life is short to be absurd

“You must love deeply, go through every heartbreak bitterly and get better by forgiving wholeheartedly.
Life depends on how you see things around. It is true that you are at advantage when you see positivity in life but things wouldn’t always work out the way you plan it. We will fall many times, thus we shall learn to stand up.
Life is too short. Embrace every moment and live freely!”

An excerpt from 
That’s How Life Is by Maria Rehina ♥

At the end of the day, we must have a well spent life. Living shouldn’t be at the standard of someone else’s idea of living and shouldn’t be at the expense of sacrificing one’s happiness. We must all live a meaningful life!

Just because we lead a wrongful life doesn’t mean it should end wrongfully.

Wake up everyday and realize that although it must be easier to be said than done, our mistakes, hurt, troubles and disappointments from the past shouldn’t stop us from living happily.

Every one of us must all go through every life’s heartbreak. It doesn’t mean people who are older than us know life very well. Age doesn’t guarantee one’s maturity.

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young. We must all live wisely making the most of every opportunity.

Its pity that sometimes because of our greed, we create our own heartbreaks. Expectation leads to disappointment. When we learn to appreciate the things we have and the things we cannot have that is when you will live a peaceful life.

You can change your life even in seconds.Though we cannot live a perfect life but we can make our life better!

Life is a one time gift from God. Do not take it for granted!

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